Eye Mask Protesting Fear Mongering in the Fake News | Eye Covering Sarcastic Fun Mask


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Seems the Fake News is promoting nothing but Fear these days! This fine face covering will keep you compliant all while letting you tell the world that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. We need people to take the blinders off, much like the man in the mask, time to open our eyes and see through the propaganda put out by Big Brother.

George Orwell warned us about much in Nineteen Eighty Four – we don’t want a boot stomping on our face in 2020, but it’s nearly here.

This fine mask features a man wearing a face mask over his eyes. This depicts the blind leading the blind, and people who cannot think for themselves. It’s time to think for yourself, and spark a conversation with those whom you meet wearing this mask.

Take the Fear Mask off of your eyes people. Lets all make the change we want to see in the world. Indoctrination is a hell of a thing.

Stop the FEAR, protest the FEAR!

Grab this mask, and start opening eyes today.

Add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face. They, however, are not medical-grade, thus, not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.
.: 100% Polyester
.: Elastic earloops
.: Two layers of cloth
.: One size

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